Contractor Advantage Program

Contractor Advantage Program

The idea is simple. You send your customers to one of our Frank Webb Home showrooms, and we help them select products and accessories for their residential project. We treat them like gold and show them the advantages of investing in high quality products made to last. You install their selections, and we thank you for referring business our way through special benefits only F.W. Webb can provide.

Guaranteed Reward

When you send your customer into a Frank Webb Home Showroom, we "thank you" with a rebate on their fixture and accessory purchases.

Saves Time

Our showroom staff will spend time with your customers, detail the product selection, and coordinate delivery. Even better, we offer your customers valuable options that they might not have considered. We take care of everything with no up-front costs or paperwork for you.

No Hassle Labor Warranty

If a product you install needs repair within the first year, Frank Webb Home will cover the cost of your labor up to a specified dollar amount.


We're asked about trusted contractors all the time. Your name will be included on our list of preferred contractors and given to customers upon request.

What's more, when your customer has a great experience, you have a customer who will be happy to refer you to friends and neighbors. That's what the Contractor Advantage Program is all about.

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Contact the Frank Webb Home manager at the showroom near you.